Sand Mining

Every year, more than 53 billion tons of sand is extracted around the world, thus, becoming the most used raw material, after water, on earth. As it is an arduous task, the whole process of sand mining requires a lot of products. JCB has designed a varied range of equipment that is suitable for different purposes during sand mining.

A robust machine, JCB JS215LC Excavator, with wide arm section and high torque helps in cutting through even hard strata. With Advanced Telematics Technology, large boom & arm and robust ends & pivot bosses, it is a robust intelligent machine. It promises to deliver more with low fuel consumption.

Since sand mining also involves separation of overlying layers, JCB offers a range of telescopic handlers for this purpose. JCB telescopic handlers have an impressive lifting capacity of up to 4000 kgs. With the lift height range of 7-17 metres and a range of attachments, it is the most versatile machine.

In addition to them, JCB also provides a range of backhoe loaders that are useful for sand mining. These backhoe loaders offer fuel-efficient operation, powerful performance and versatile usage. They are designed to work in grueling work conditions.

JCB has also designed generators capable of working in extreme conditions. These JCB generators are turbo-charged and at the same time fuel-efficient. They are the safest in their class with a heavy-duty base frame and internal wiring system. This rough and tough class of JCB equipment is brilliant in its range and perfectly suitable for sand mining.



JCB Compactors for road projects
Maximum Dig Depth
4.77 m
Maximum Engine Power
56 kW (76hp)
Maximum Loader Capacity
Shovel Capacity

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JCB Compactors for road projects
Maximum Bucket Capacity
0.8-1.02 cum
Maximum Engine Power
106kW (140hp)
Maximum Operating Weight
21250 kg

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JCB Generetor
Maximum Engine Power
Maximum Power Rating
Maximum Dimension

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