Limestone Mining

Limestone is an important mineral resource. With the increasing pace of development, limestone mining has become even more important.  It requires efficient machines that can manage the heavy tasks at a mining site. JCB provides first-rate solutions to all these challenges.

JCB provides Backhoe Loaders that are both efficient and versatile in their function. They deliver fuel-efficiency with powerful performance and have advanced features such as Advanced Telematics Technology which helps access operational data from anywhere. The uniqueness lies in its versatility, as this single machine can be used for various industrial uses.

JCB also offers 20-tonne excavators such as JCB JS205LC that can be used for limestone mining. A low maintenance-cost machine, this 20-tonne excavator comes with an advanced hydraulic system. Also, with its high swing torque and excellent digging force, this machine cuts deeper and produces substantial output. 

Another challenge that JCB helps you overcome is the continuous need for energy at a mining site. JCB generators are fuel-efficient, compact and are designed to work in extreme environments. JCB provides multiple products for a wide range of work, which are dependable and trustworthy.



JCB Compactors for road projects
Maximum Dig Depth
5.05 m
Maximum Engine Power
56 kW (76hp)
Maximum Loader Capacity
Shovel Capacity

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JCB Compactors for road projects
Maximum Bucket Capacity
0.8-1.02 cum
Maximum Engine Power
106kW (140hp)
Maximum Operating Weight
21250 kg

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JCB Generetor
Maximum Engine Power
Maximum Power Rating
Maximum Dimension

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