Lignite Mining

Lignite is one of the most important mineral resources in India. With the increase in the demand for energy, lignite mining has become a lucrative business. For lignite mining, there is a need for reliable machinery and products. JCB produces dependable products to manage varied applications on a lignite mining site.

Since lignite mining happens below 180 meters, it is a fairly difficult task. JCB 380LC Quarry Master is a tough machine that manages these difficulties well. It comes with a power boost function and high swing torque making it a tough machine for quarry-work. With high tensile steel arm and innovative hydraulic regeneration system, JCB 380LC Quarry Master is both powerful and efficient.

To aid in mining, JCB has designed generators that are capable of working in extreme environments. They can work in temperature over 50 degrees. These JCB generators are turbo-charged and at the same time fuel-efficient. While the JCB excavators are rough and tough, JCB generators are high power-generating machines, perfectly suitable for lignite mining.


JCB 380LC Xtra

JCB Excavator
Maximum Operating Weight
36,700 Kg
Maximum Engine Power
284hp (212 kW)
Maximum Bucket capacity
1.4-2.3* Cu.m

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JCB Generetor
Maximum Engine Power
Maximum Power Rating
Maximum Dimension

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